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Today's blogging challenge is to share my contact information so you can find me on social networks. How much time do you have? I am going to try and dig as far back as I can for the numerous sites to which I have accounts. Should be interesting….Here I go!

  1. Plurk lfeld52
  2. Twitter lfeld52
  3. Edmodo feldman
  4. Foursquare lfeld52
  5. Google+ lfeld52
  6. Vine lfeld52
  7. Vimeo lfeld52
  8. Linkedin lfeld52
  9. lfeld52
  10. Skype lfeldman52
  11. YouTube lsf52
  12. Flickr lfeld52
  13. LiveBinders lfeld52
  14. reddit lfeld52
  15. Slideshare lfeld52
  16. Audioboo lfeld52
  17. diigo lfeld52
  18. YouStream.TV lfeld52
  19. Qik lfeld52
  20. TeacherTube lfeld52
I'm sure there are others, but my brain is bent trying to think of them all! 

As you can see I have put myself out there to network. I would say that I network about 90% of the time with educators and technology professionals. In the beginning I was probably more active in posting my technology finds and ideas. But now, I probably am more of a stalker. I like to check out what others post and bookmark them. 

I have been lucky enough to be able to meet many of the people I follow on social networks. I have traveled to technology conventions for the past couple of years. It seems each time I go, I find more networks to sign up!

My advice is…If you have a "screen name" which you use frequently, sign up and save the name just in case you will be using it in the future.

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