Positive Reinforcement Idea

I saw this idea on Pinterest tonight...
Take a white crayon and write sight words on a worksheet and have students use a marker to reveal the word. You can find the originator of the idea on Mary Tasch's Teachers Pay Teachers page. Very cool.

But being a resource teacher, I am thinking of taking blank business cards or cutting card stock to the same size and use the idea for positive reinforcement. Maybe extra privileges, treats, etc.

Let me know how you would use this idea!

Lesson Plan Template

I am thinking about making my own plan book for the new school year.
I like the idea of having it personalized specifically to me. I have seen many templates online by looking at other teacher's blogs and on TeachersPayTeachers site. Who knows, I may end up going this route...
Below is a picture of my template as of today. If you click on it, you will be able to download the Excel file from my Dropbox. Let me know what you think. I realize I have not added space for listing modifications and accommodations. I will add that to my list!
Maybe we can trade files for the rest of the plan book?

To Do List

I like the idea of using a "currently" post once a month. I have not found an editable template yet. That is why it is on my "to do list".

Pinterest Marathon

I have been busy "pinning"  some things that caught my eye on Pinterest.
Some of my "boards" are general classroom, organization, tech, and of course, special education. Feel free to share your pins as well!