Another Version of Lesson Plan Template

I am still playing around with lesson plan templates for this school term. On the "Other" column I will add meetings, spelling lists, upcoming tests, etc. Can't believe we report back Wednesday! Not sure what I will stick with, but here is my newest (and cheapest) to date!

Link to document download

New Technology

Today I received my LeapMotion in the mail. I had ordered it in April during our state technology conference NETA. I attended a session (actually multiple) by Leslie Fisher. Her topic was "Technology Time Machine" which showed where we have come from, and were we are going. I remember sitting in the audience and listening to her talk about a device that allows you to control your computer via hand motions. I know, I know, that's what game systems do. But this is different. You can plug in the device via USB to your computer and instantly begin controlling some apps. I sat there in the back of the session and put in my pre-order right away. The device was not to be launched until mid July. Why would I jump so quickly? STUDENTS! I started thinking about how I could use this at school. It could be used as assistive technology. Maybe a different form of communication. Another thought is for motivation. It is pretty cool!
Now that I have it I will need to play around with it to see its possibilities. There are some free apps to help me see what it can do. I hear there is already Angry Birds preinstalled. Haven't tried that yet!
Hopefully I will have time soon to put it in to action and report back.
In the mean time...Below is the promo video showing some of the uses