New Technology

Today I received my LeapMotion in the mail. I had ordered it in April during our state technology conference NETA. I attended a session (actually multiple) by Leslie Fisher. Her topic was "Technology Time Machine" which showed where we have come from, and were we are going. I remember sitting in the audience and listening to her talk about a device that allows you to control your computer via hand motions. I know, I know, that's what game systems do. But this is different. You can plug in the device via USB to your computer and instantly begin controlling some apps. I sat there in the back of the session and put in my pre-order right away. The device was not to be launched until mid July. Why would I jump so quickly? STUDENTS! I started thinking about how I could use this at school. It could be used as assistive technology. Maybe a different form of communication. Another thought is for motivation. It is pretty cool!
Now that I have it I will need to play around with it to see its possibilities. There are some free apps to help me see what it can do. I hear there is already Angry Birds preinstalled. Haven't tried that yet!
Hopefully I will have time soon to put it in to action and report back.
In the mean time...Below is the promo video showing some of the uses


  1. Let me know what you think. I ordered it as well, but kind of shuffling my feet on paying. I'm a tad concerned I won't be able to put it on the computer at school. I know you said USB...any software to download..which I can't?

  2. I am taking it to school in the morning...Will let you know. So many thoughts about uses!