Assessment. Not Quite Four Letters...

Yep, you read that correctly!
There are times I think that assessment is like a four-letter word. In fact, I still get a giggle every time I begin to write the word itself and realize it is hard to abbreviate.
Asses…Get it? Yep, I am so "middle school"!

Now back to the topic: My assessment tip.
Hmmmm. That is kinda hard. Why? Because I/we are required to be a part of so many assessments, school isn't quite as amazing as I remember when I was growing up.
We give chapter tests, cumulative assessments, district tests, state tests, high stakes tests, yada yada yada. Tips? How could there be tips?

My tip would be in the mode of preparation. I am a big fan of Quizlet. Quizlet is an online flashcard site in which you can create your own "sets" of cards and definitions as well as images. An example of one of my sets was used to prepare for a vocabulary test for a book unit.

I load these sets onto my school web page as well as my co-teachers pages. To push the effort a bit further, I send the link to my webpage when I have completed updates.

When it is time to test, I can have the students click the test link and complete their assessment online. Students receive instant feedback and possibly print (gasp!) for data gathering if needed.

Will I ever be able to avoid assessments? NOPE.
Will I continue to strive to find a new way to do them? You bet your "asses"
Heh, heh!

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