Classroom Grants

Today's topic is grants for the classroom. To day, I have received 2. The first grant I received was to support a class trip to a living history farm for the 4th grade at a school in which I was working. The district severely cut funding for field trips; in the past, this was a regular outing. I did not like the thought of the student missing out.

In my district we have grant opportunities via our foundation. It is called Fund-A-Need. Teachers are able to put in grant proposals of any value in hopes a donor will choose to fund the project. Fund requests may range from technology to special programming. 

I was lucky enough to have my grant funded by a group/office which decided to fund my request in lieu of Christmas gifts for each other. This was such a blessing.

My second grant which was funded was for the implementation of an alternative P.E. class. There are some students due to disabilities or injuries who cannot participate in the activities of the P.E. class. My thought was to have a Wii system for which the students could become physically active without risk of injury. To my surprise, one afternoon, I was called up to the office to pick up a package. I had no idea what it could be. When I opened it in the main office I immediately began to cry. There was a brand new Wii system, games, and controllers for my program. The card was signed "from an admirer" Wow. I sure wished that I could thank them directly. Once set up you could come in and watch a student in a wheel chair playing tennis with a student who had a broken arm. No boundaries!

One suggestion I have for receiving these types of grants would be to network through social media as much as possible. Don't hesitate to "toot your own horn", search for sympathy, and generally beg!

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