Can I Do a Better Job? Seriously?

Today's blog challenge topic is one thing I wish I were better at. ONLY ONE?

One thing that I wish I were better at would be to know more about how to write computer programs. By this I mean how to write code to create my own apps, games, webpages.

I have described myself as a fairly accomplished end-user of technology. I like to dig into websites, apps, etc. to see what else is there. But, I do not know how to make them.
To do this I will need to learn a new language. I would like to learn Java Script first. Then, who knows.

Unfortunately learning new languages is not easy for me. No, it is almost impossible. I am not kidding. I think the only term I learned in German class was "Keine Ahnung" which basically means "I have no idea"! Yep. That sums it up.

To fight this mentality, I have been taking baby steps. This past month I have been following some of the links for a program called "Hour of Code". Via game playing and brain games I have taken the first steps toward understanding the computational thinking involved in programming.

Who knows…by the time next year rolls around, I may be publishing a link to a program I have written!

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