Homework. UGH!

I know homework is a part of traditional school. But I guess I am not a traditional teacher.
I think that students should show their learning during the school day.
Schoolwork is for the school day and homework is for home. Duh you say? NO. Let me explain.

During the 52 minute class periods we strive to introduce, reinforce, reteach, etc.
In my opinion we should be able to use our time wisely and work should be completed before the end of class. This is not always possible, but what is wrong with going a day or two without it?

When did we move to automatically having homework in every class? When did we buy into the concept that for core classes there is generally 30 minutes homework for each class? When did we move to having in class assignments and then adding on an additional assignment for home. Isn't that double indemnity?

To add to my rant, we now grade on summative scores only. This means only test/quiz scores count toward the student grade. So how can we require students to do homework ("practice") when it does not count toward their permanent grade? Would you buy into the concept that you work for hours and not have anything to show for it other than a satisfactory or commendable comment?

I know that "practice makes perfect". I know that repetition is necessary to own a concept. But I also know that not all students take tests the same way. Some students freak out during tests. They may freeze/forget/guess resulting in lower scores. In the past, when homework was at least counted toward the overall grade, grades were higher for struggling students.

What are your feelings toward homework. Love? Hate? Horror Stories?


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