My Favorite Website For Which I Cannot Live Without (At least this week!)

Today's blogging challenge asks me to tell about my favorite website and how I use it for teaching and learning. Well…I have to say if you look into the history on my browser, you will see that I use TeachersPayTeachers often. Come to think of it, I mentioned this site in my last post.
This site is so amazing once you dig into it. Teachers upload materials for sale (or free) for others to discover. There are so many amazing lesson plan, ideas, projects, etc. for direct download. Each seller provides at least one free download of a product. There are also sales. Who doesn't like a good sale?
Another feature that I like is if I find a seller that I like, I can follow him or her and receive updates when they add new products.
There are resources from Pre-K up to Higher and Adult Education. Also available is homeschool and staff materials. As a resource teacher I am constantly looking for support materials for co-teaching and or small group teach/reteach. Many of the things I find are free or at very low cost. To me, if it meets my specific needs, I will gladly pay a fellow teacher.
Recently I have posted a few products and have earned a couple dollars. Will this replace my teaching job? No…Maybe pay for a few cans of Diet Pepsi! If you are interested in signing up to be a seller, here is a link to get you started:

I would love to know how many of you use this site. Let me know!

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