Cooperative Learning

One of my favorite classroom management tools would be to get students up and moving.
I know I cannot sit and focus for more than 30 minutes; how could I expect students to do the same?

Cooperative Learning such as Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures are my favorite.
Aside from increasing student (and teacher) engagement, the structures often involve movement.

One structure that is a personal favorite would be "Scavenger Hunt". this involves taping questions around the room. Each paper has a question on the top, and an answer to a different problem on the bottom. the concept is that students start at one paper and work/solve the question. When they have the answer they look around the room for a different piece of paper which has their answer. When found, they now work the problem on that page. It is important to have a recording page for the students, and of course, an answer key. I would imagine this could be done on tabletops as well.

I have enjoyed the cooperative learning structures so much, I chose them to be a part of my appraisal goals for this year. My artifacts will include student feedback on exit tickets as well as the created materials.

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