Brain Breaks

Ironically when I read this topic for the blogging challenge I laughed! I laughed because our team at school decided to implement frequent brain breaks throughout the year to increase student engagement.
We went as far as to using the theme of time for our team focus this year. Excuse the "Outsiders" attire for a theme day…You can see the banner stating our team motto for the year.

With the theme of time we try to use brain teasers, thought shots, and movement to give students a short minute or two to refocus.
We also have Cranium Brain Breaks and a binder full of Minute To Win It activities. Unfortunately, it seems that we are lacking a bit in the area of these two. Hoping to increase this and get feedback whether we are using our time wisely.

If there is one thing I know…I get antsy easily. Imagine students listening to the "Waaa, waaa, waaa" (Charlie Brown teacher) all day long.  No wonder we need a break!

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