20 Day Blogging Challenge Day Two

Day 2
Share an organizational tip from your classroom. 
What is one thing that you do that works for you?

That is a tougher challenge for me to write about! Not because I am disorganized, but because I do not have my own classroom at school. Thus the "Resource Teacher". I co-teach during the day. So, I guess I will write more about how I plan and make sure I am prepared each day to meet the needs of my students and team.

My plan book is my lifeline. Aside from keeping track of meetings, due dates, classroom plans, etc. I keep anecdotal data as well. I have used mostly school issued plan books through the years, but have not been satisfied. I have also created my own plan pages, but have not used them consistently. At least until this year.

This summer I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on what was essential to have with me at all times and made a list. I decided I needed to create my own plan book! Not an easy task. I obsessed on layout, backgrounds, fonts...yup, a long drawn out adventure. I printed the pages and then combined them with the school handouts (calendars, schedules, staff listings...) I even put in student's locker info., usernames, and passwords. I then bound the pages together in the work room. Voila! My own personalized plan book! 

If you need inspiration for creating your own plan book, try looking on TeachersPayTeachers and search for editable plan books. Have fun!

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  1. Organization means so many things and can be done in so many ways! I often struggled with plan books too! Love your idea!