20 Day Blogging Challenge Day 1

Yep, it has taken a challenge to get me back to blogging. The plan is to use a set topic each day to inspire (re-inspire) the joy of blogging. How scary is that?

Challenge 1: Tell about a favorite book to share or teach. Provide at least one example of an extension or cross curricular lesson


CDB by William Steig has always been my favorite book. The first time I read this book is when it was a feature book for the Scholastic Books order at school. Remember those thin booklets with cool books, posters, and gadgets? Who couldn't resist??? Not me! It was fun to figure out the words that were in "code". Of course the line drawings helped quite a bit. Later, it was a challenge to try and write some of my own codes.

Now that I am a teacher, I still use CDB. What better book to use for reading skills and multiple meaning words. A great way to extend this lesson would be to use a Twitter format of abbreviations and hashtags to write a story. The collaborative effort is outstanding. Students need to decide what is "trash" and what is "treasure" as far as content.

I bet you are surprised that a middle school teacher would use such a simple book, but in education, it is how you present the materials that impacts the outcome!

What is your favorite book? Why? How might you extend its use?

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