Idea Of The Week…Or at Lease a Passing Thought!

Day 4 Blogging Challenge: One topic or idea for using with students this week.

One thing I put in to my plans this week was to re-think how I interact with students who are having difficulties.  It is soooooo easy to get into a power struggle. Who hasn't been pulled in to one?  Even when you are well read, trained, etc. there are days in which it is almost impossible to 100% avoid them.

The strategy that I am using with students this week to avoid the pratfalls of student confrontations is actually quite simple:

"I heard you, and I responded."

This motto was the result of a Facebook post I read that had a link to an article on parenting. In the article titled Child Nagging and Negotiating the statement was:
"Asked and Answered". I put my spin on this to step back and think before I respond with too much dialogue.

I tend to do this better with autistic kids…those who need to be around less talking to be successful. Why haven't I done this in the past??? Oy, is this a lightbulb moment or what?

Now, I will try to take my own advice and say less when I know that doing otherwise will most certainly have negative effects.

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