Favorite Idea Part 2

Another week, another blog challenge topic.

This week's topic or idea which I consider a favorite this week would be to use part of my flexible service/plan time to go into student classes to do a planner check and write a priority list at the bottom of their planner page. I draw a small box and then list the class and the assignment to do that evening. I also write reminders for upcoming assignments. For example, if there is a test next Tuesday, I will write at the bottom of the page on Friday noting there is a test Tuesday. I also add information for social events and spirit days. I would hate to have a student feel left out if they forgot to tell their family what was needed for participation.

I have had positive feedback from students after implementing this because then when they come to me after school for checkout, their planners are pretty much filled out. Having their academic connections (a.k.a. specials, exploratories, enrichment, etc.) 6th period helps because it is less likely to have homework in those classes. And for the 7th period classes, I most likely know the assignment already and am prepared to fix/fill out if not complete. Students are not too excited to be checked out; and speeding this up most certainly helps.

Parents have commented that the communication supports the home and school connection. Between checkout and my webpage, they are well informed!

I will continue to use this!

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