Back To School

Ready to walk in for the first day of school. For those who don't know...The license plate says SNOW DAY!

I am pretty sure this is the first year that I did not worry about the first day of school. During the summer I kept busy here and there preparing for the year. Boy, am I glad!
The first week, although a bit stressful with the adjusted schedule, was good.
The biggest problem was my need to be more actively involved.
As a resource teacher, I am responsible for progress monitoring. But the first week is not the time to find baselines. There are too many "get to know you" and classroom procedure lessons to pull for assessment.
Another very cool part of the beginning of the year is my student teacher Kyle. Saying he is hitting the ground running is an understatement. If first impressions are true, he will be in high demand in December. He is spot on. Yay! His only demerit is that he is over a foot taller than I am! Oy! We are quite the pair in the hallway!
So now it is Saturday. It was so wonderful to sleep in and have a lazy day. Looking forward to one more night of no alarm clock.
Here's to a GREAT year!

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